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Add a Signature to Your Messages

Posted Oct 2nd 2015 3:04PM by AOL Mail Team

A signature added to the bottom of your email is a quick and easy way to share your contact information, business information, or even your favorite quote.

To create or edit a signature:

1. In the upper right, below your Username, click Options and then clickSettings.

2. In the left panel, click Compose.

3. In the "Rich Text / HTML" section, click the No Signature drop-down menu and select Use signature.

Note: If you want your signature to appear in plain text, make sure the box next to Use Rich Text / HTML Editing is unchecked.

4. In the text field, enter or edit your signature.

Note: If you want your buddy icon to appear in your signature, click the box next to Show AIM presence icon in signature.

5. Once you've finished entering your signature, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

All done! Your signature will be waiting for you the next time you go to compose an email.

For more information about composing email, please take a look at this article on the AOL Mail Help site.

Go Mobile with AOL Mail

Posted Sep 25th 2015 12:17PM by AOL Mail Team

There are three ways to get a full featured version of AOL Mail on your iOS and Android devices.

1. Download the AOL App

AOL app for iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Tap the App Store icon on your home screen to go to the App Store.
  • Using search (the magnifying glass), type AOL.
  • There are a few apps by AOL. Choose this one: AOL: Mail, News, Weather and Video.
  • In the upper-right corner, tap FREE, then INSTALL.

That's it! Once it's installed, tap to open it, then tap the envelope icon (Mail) in the lower-left.

You'll be asked to sign in. Then your inbox opens. You can stay signed in and get to your updated inbox anytime you tap the AOL icon on your home screen.

If you ever want to sign out, just tap AOL at the bottom of the screen, then the gear icon in the upper-right corner. In the menu that opens, under Account, tap Sign Out. This signs you out of the AOL app.

AOL app for Android devices

  • Tap the Google Play icon on your home screen to go to Google Play.
  • Using search (the magnifying glass), type AOL.
  • There are a few apps by AOL. Choose this one: AOL: News, Mail and Video.
  • In the upper-right corner, tap INSTALL.

That's it! Once it's installed, tap to open it, then tap the envelope icon (Mail) in the lower-left.

You'll be asked to sign in. Then your inbox opens. You can stay signed in and get to your updated inbox anytime you tap the AOL icon on your home screen.

If you ever want to sign out, just tap AOL at the bottom of the screen, then the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

In the menu that opens, under Account, tap Sign Out. This signs you out of the AOL app.

2. View AOL Mail on your mobile device's web browser

We've customized for AOL Mail for mobile browsers (like Safari and Chrome) on iOS and Android devices. Log into Mail on your device at

Please note that AOL Mail on your device's browser will run on iOS 5.0 and above and on Safari 4.0 and above for the iPad and on Android 4.1 and above tablets using native and Chrome browsers.

For some tips and tricks to help you get more familiar with your AOL Mail mobile web inbox, take a look at this help article.

3. View AOL Mail on your device's native apps.

For detailed instructions about how to set-up AOL Mail on your device, go to this help article.

New Autumn Themes and Stationery

Posted Sep 17th 2015 11:52AM by AOL Mail Team

Summer is fading and we're surrounded by signs of fall: leaves turning to deep oranges and reds, kids going back to school, football fans cheering their hearts out, and pumpkin spice options at every turn. To usher in the season we've created new themes and stationery to give your inbox an autumnal mood. Here is a preview:

A Fall stationery design called "Acorns"

A colorful new stationery design, "Acorns," livens up your message with the colors of fall.

New fall stationery featuring a camping scene

"Camping," another fresh stationery design, features a fun outdoorsy nighttime scene.

Autumn Floral theme for your inbox
An elegant theme called "autumn floral" showcases a sophisticated fall design.

Go to your inbox to find more autumn inspired themes and stationery. If you need help selecting stationery designs or theme backgrounds, here are links to some video tutorials:

How to select a theme

How to select a stationery design

​Don't Take the Bait: Protect Yourself from Online Phishing

Posted Aug 6th 2015 2:30PM by AOL Mail Team

What is Phishing?
Phishing is the attempt by cybercriminals to steal your personal information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by posing as a legitimate company. Phishers may send emails asking you to click on a link to verify an account, update personal or financial information related to an existing account or to confirm an anticipated refund amount. Clicking on the link can enable phishers to extract sensitive information or install malware on your machine. Many phishers go as far as creating replicas of commercial websites.

How to protect yourself
1. Keep your antivirus and spyware detection software up to date.

2. If you receive an email that links to a site that has records of your financial or otherwise sensitive information, it is best not to click on that link from that email- even if that email looks official. Instead type the url directly into your browser.

3. If you notice a suspicious email don't open it. If you think it is possibly legitimate, call the sender to verify.

4. If you do accidentally open a suspicious email or see a questionable pop-up, don't click on any links or attachments.

5. Never include credit card numbers or other financial information in an email.

6. Check your online credit card and bank account transactions for unauthorized charges at least once a month.

If you would like to learn more about protecting your sensitive information online, visit AOL's security site:

Save Time with Assist by AOL Hotkey Tips

Posted Jul 28th 2015 9:10AM by AOL Mail Team

Tired of navigating to drop down menus to execute simple actions on your computer? Our Hotkey Shortcuts can help. The tech experts at Assist by AOL have created a useful group of tip sheets that explain the most helpful hotkeys (a combination of keys pushed at the same time). You might be familiar with some of the shortcuts we've included, like copying and pasting, but do you know how to bookmark a web page or switch between open windows with the simple click of some keys? Scroll down and we'll share the most popular hotkey combinations. Learn more about Assist by AOL's tech help offerings at

Help Prevent a Spam Attack with 5 Easy Steps

Posted Jul 16th 2015 5:00PM by AOL Mail Team

Unfortunately spam is an unpleasant fact of life on the internet but there are ways in which you can help reduce the quantity of spam sent to your email address.

1. Don't open emails from an unknown sender.

2. If you accidentally open a spam message do not reply or click on any links. If you're not sure if a message is spam, keep the following pointers in mind. Messages containing offers that seem too good to be true are never legitimate. For example a message that claims you have won a contest you never entered, offers you access to unclaimed money, or promises free electronics or pills is always spam. If a message asks you for your password it is definitely fake. Also, be sure to ignore any email requests from strangers.

3. Please use the spam button to delete and report any message you think is spam. If we believe we can safely unsubscribe you from that sender we will do so on your behalf.

4. Change your password frequently. Make sure your password is at least 8 characters and includes upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers.

5. Keep security software and all other software on your computer current and updated.

Behind the Scenes at AOL with Marcel

Posted Jul 1st 2015 10:40AM by AOL Mail Team

I am Marcel, Director of Product Management for AOL Mail. I drive the business and product requirements for our applications and infrastructure. This includes things like AOL webmail, Alto, our open API's and IMAP, which allow you to use mail on your mobile device, and our anti-spam efforts.

Mail is one of AOL's core products. We hope it's the tool you use every day to stay connected and see what's new in the world and your mailbox. It always affects me personally when any of you have problems or are unsatisfied with AOL Mail, and I work to gather the best people to fix and solve those issues. I strive to make AOL Mail the best product possible.

I was born and grew up in East Germany - behind the "iron curtain." I was lucky to see Germany unite and have an opportunity to travel the world. My interest in computers and my early business endeavors influenced my decision to study computer science and applied economics. I joined AOL – AOL Germany to be precise – in 1999. Initially, I was responsible for European products, after which I moved to Dulles to lead international product development. Finally, I joined the mail team on the West Coast in my current position.

Through working at AOL, I combine two of my biggest passions: online communication and building true global software. I have been fascinated by using computers and online networks to communicate ever since I started my own BBS with a 14K Modem in 1995. Simultaneously, I started building software for a global audience and learned quickly that there is never a "one size fits all" solution. Fortunately at AOL, and specifically with the AOL Mail team, I am able to work on building a true global platform and product that enables millions of people around the globe to communicate. I enjoy working on all of this with many people across various teams and locations, allowing me to get insight into numerous views and perspectives.

Because studying at a technical university and dealing with computers could be boring at times, I sought out an additional activity that would spark my creative side, and I found this spark in acting. I am an improv fanatic and have led four different theater groups. Some of you may have seen the video we created for one of AOL Mail's Valentine themes – that's the kind of stuff I need to stay creative! I approach life like I approach improv on a big stage: everything is an opportunity and always have a positive attitude.

Tech Support Benefits with AOL Membership

Posted Jun 23rd 2015 8:00AM by AOL Mail Team

All of these technical support benefits are available to you with an AOL Membership. See earlier posts to read about Identity Protection, Convenience & Savings and Computer Security benefits.

Computer Security with AOL Membership

Posted Jun 17th 2015 10:31AM by AOL Mail Team

More great benefits from AOL! See earlier posts to read about Identity Protection and Convenience & Savings benefits.

Identity Protection with AOL Mail Membership

Posted Jun 3rd 2015 11:51AM by AOL Mail Team

Do you know all of the benefits you receive as an AOL member? Here is the second in a series of posts about specific benefits we offer.

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