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Behind the Scenes at AOL with Marcel

Posted Jul 1st 2015 10:40AM by AOL Mail Team

I am Marcel, Director of Product Management for AOL Mail. I drive the business and product requirements for our applications and infrastructure. This includes things like AOL webmail, Alto, our open API's and IMAP, which allow you to use mail on your mobile device, and our anti-spam efforts.

Mail is one of AOL's core products. We hope it's the tool you use every day to stay connected and see what's new in the world and your mailbox. It always affects me personally when any of you have problems or are unsatisfied with AOL Mail, and I work to gather the best people to fix and solve those issues. I strive to make AOL Mail the best product possible.

I was born and grew up in East Germany - behind the "iron curtain." I was lucky to see Germany unite and have an opportunity to travel the world. My interest in computers and my early business endeavors influenced my decision to study computer science and applied economics. I joined AOL – AOL Germany to be precise – in 1999. Initially, I was responsible for European products, after which I moved to Dulles to lead international product development. Finally, I joined the mail team on the West Coast in my current position.

Through working at AOL, I combine two of my biggest passions: online communication and building true global software. I have been fascinated by using computers and online networks to communicate ever since I started my own BBS with a 14K Modem in 1995. Simultaneously, I started building software for a global audience and learned quickly that there is never a "one size fits all" solution. Fortunately at AOL, and specifically with the AOL Mail team, I am able to work on building a true global platform and product that enables millions of people around the globe to communicate. I enjoy working on all of this with many people across various teams and locations, allowing me to get insight into numerous views and perspectives.

Because studying at a technical university and dealing with computers could be boring at times, I sought out an additional activity that would spark my creative side, and I found this spark in acting. I am an improv fanatic and have led four different theater groups. Some of you may have seen the video we created for one of AOL Mail's Valentine themes – that's the kind of stuff I need to stay creative! I approach life like I approach improv on a big stage: everything is an opportunity and always have a positive attitude.

Tech Support Benefits with AOL Membership

Posted Jun 23rd 2015 8:00AM by AOL Mail Team

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Computer Security with AOL Membership

Posted Jun 17th 2015 10:31AM by AOL Mail Team

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Identity Protection with AOL Mail Membership

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Financial Benefits of AOL Membership

Posted May 26th 2015 9:36AM by AOL Mail Team

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AOL Membership Benefits

Developing the AOL Apple Watch App

Posted May 20th 2015 1:56PM by AOL Mail Team

AOL in iWatch

Great news, the AOL app is now available on Apple Watch! We designed the app with you in mind making it easy to stay connected. Now you can get instant email notifications and breaking news alerts right on your wrist.
Want to finish that email or news article you were just reading? Pick it up where you left off from your iPhone using the handoff feature. The app also lets you view full emails and news articles based on timing and relevance using glances.
Scott Tury, our Chief Architect, stood behind the importance of creating this app because it shows that AOL is "truly staying on top of new technologies for our customers and early adopters, which is a good thing."
When asked about development, Scott says the biggest challenge was not having the Apple Watch to actually test with before its release. He says, "It's one thing to test things in the simulator but when the hardware is actually being used you notice different behavior."
Scott and the rest of the team have worked diligently to make sure the AOL Apple Watch app provides the best experience for our customers. He explains, "This is something that has really opened the door for us to come up with ways to expand our app across multiple platforms, and it's going to work great."

Apple App Store Button

Behind the Scenes at AOL Mail with Arundhati

Posted Apr 28th 2015 7:51PM by AOL Mail Team

Arundhati, Product Manager for AOL MailI am one of the Product Managers for AOL Mail. I have been with AOL for 15 months now and it has been a great ride. I work in the Palo Alto office right next to our front-end engineers and work with many other business units remotely. Something that I really like at AOL is the amount of trust and independence given to each individual to make the right decisions for their products. This makes for a very passionate employee base. For example, every Mail employee in Palo Alto receives each piece of feedback sent by our users. Yes, we read every one. If we can't act on the feedback immediately, we put it in the backlog and address it at a later time.

Every Thursday an industry expert comes into our office and shares their experiences with us. One of my personal favorites was Marty Cagan's talk. If you are interested in Product Management and haven't read Inspired yet, you should. His blog at is also a great read.

I do my best and feel my best when I am inspired. The products that I am working on, my team and my experiences here at AOL are just the right mix of inspiration.

The AOL office in Palo Alto has a very collaborative environment. We believe in taking time to come together, build relationships and have a good time.

When I am not working, I am hanging out with friends and family, watching TED talks and thinking about problems that are bigger than me, playing with my two-year-old niece and learning to be curious and open- children do it the best. I also tend to binge watch some shows periodically. I am on The Office right now. I know, it's old, I am playing catch up ;) Outside of work, I am looking to develop an application that I hope will reduce hunger starting in the Bay Area. 1 in 6 people suffer from hunger in the United States and about 10% of restaurant food goes to waste each day mainly due to over production. One day I hope to build a bridge to connect hungry people with over produced restaurant food.

AOL App Named Official Honoree by Webby Awards

Posted Apr 10th 2015 11:34AM by AOL Mail Team

Webby Award HonoreeThe International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 19th annual Webby Awards on Tuesday, April 9th. Out of more than 13,000 entries from 60 countries the AOL app was chosen as an Official Honoree for Mobile News (Handheld Devices). This is quite an accomplishment considering only 20% of entrants are selected as honorees.

The Webby Awards are the leading international awards honoring the best of the web in five categories: Websites, Interactive Advertising & Media, Online Film & Video, Mobile & App, and Social Web.

We are extremely proud of this achievement – our goal is to build the best possible mobile experience combining mail, news and video for our customers. If you don't have the app yet, download it today: Google / Apple

Mail Steps Up in the Brand-New AOL App

Posted Aug 7th 2014 9:20AM by AOL Mail Team

You've been talking to us about Mail in the AOL app: Give us push notifications. Make it smoother and faster. And give us access to the contacts on our phone!

So we dove deep and ta-da! Today we offer you the result.

The new AOL app features Mail that now:

- loads much faster than before
- alerts you to new mail with push notifications
- has easy, one-tap ways to move, mark, flag, delete and empty trash
- gives you access the contacts on your phone as well as your AOL contacts

We also gave the whole app a new, brighter design for a lighter, more effortless feel. Now it's even simpler to check out the latest news and watch trending, high-quality video, so you can be informed & entertained wherever you go.

The AOL app: the Mail you rely on together with the AOL content you love. We're proud of this one. Download it and let us know what you think!

Download to your Android phone

Download to your iPhone


The AOL Mail and team

AOL Bill Manager is Closing on July 1, 2014

Posted Jun 9th 2014 10:00AM by AOL Mail Team

AOL Bill Manager is Closing on July 1, 2014
We regret to inform you that AOL Bill Manager, powered by Manilla, will end service on July 1, 2014.

Manilla, our partner in delivering this service, is closing its doors. You can read about Manilla's decision to shut down here.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please review the important information below on how to proceed.

Important Dates
  • Existing users will have access to AOL Bill Manager through June 30, 2014. No new accounts are being accepted.
  • On July 1, 2014, AOL Bill Manager and Manilla service will cease operations.

What You Need To Do
  • Download any documents you wish to keep by June 30, 2014, through AOL Bill Manager.
  • You can do this in four easy steps:
    • Sign into your AOL Mail account
    • Select "Bill Manager", located on the left menu
    • Within Bill Manager, select "Options" and then "View all Documents"
    • Review and select the documents you wish to download

Note: After June 30, 2014, you can still retrieve your documents from the Manilla website until September 30, 2014. Any and all documents remaining on October 1, 2014, will be destroyed.

How to Delete Your Account
Your Manilla account will automatically be closed and deleted on October 1, 2014. If you wish to close and delete your Manilla account now, please click here and select "Delete your Manilla account" at the bottom of the page. By proactively deleting your account, Manilla will automatically destroy all of your documents.

Please refer to the Manilla FAQ for more details.

For help please contact or email AOL Mail Customer Support.

Thank you,
The AOL Mail Team

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