Got an iPhone?

Posted Jun 06th 2008 09:56AM by Mail Engineering Team
Written by Mac Atre, Principal Software Engineer, AOL Mail

If you do, check out the new made-for-iPhone AOL mail at

Given the immense popularity of iPhone, we decided to build a webmail experience optimized for this device.

AOL Mail for iPhone is a full-featured, iPhone-optimized mail experience that's blazing fast. Now you can get to your mail quickly, search for messages, and access your address book. The address book works with your iPhone's native phone and maps applications.

So no more panning and zooming large, unwieldy pages. All the familiar iPhone application model features are there: painless navigation, portrait and landscape modes, and keyboard support.

Remember, you can put AOL Mail on your Home screen. Open it on your iPhone (or iPod touch), tap the plus sign, and then tap "Add to Home screen."

You may also want to check out the new AOL portal-simply go to on your iPhone.