Help Us in the Campaign against Spam

Posted Feb 05th 2010 11:38AM by the AOL Mail Team
Despite our best efforts, we know that spam continues to make it into users' mailboxes. To help us in the fight against spam, we'll be running a series of posts that will offer some simple steps you can take to assist.

Please take a moment to read our first tip.....

Tip #1: Report Spam

Reporting spam is one of the most effective actions you can take to help us identify spam. Reporting an email as spam not only helps our automated system learn, but also brings the message and Sender to our attention for closer monitoring and action, as warranted.

You can report an email as spam simply by selecting the message and clicking the "Spam" button available in your Inbox action bar.

Or if you have a message open and want to report it as spam, just click the "Spam" button.

In Message Report Spam Button

Once you click the "Spam" button, the email will then automatically be moved to your Spam folder. Emails once placed into the Spam folder will be permanently deleted after five days.

Up until the email is deleted, you can at any point restore the email by clicking the "Not Spam" button. Restoring email by clicking the "Not Spam" button will also help our automated systems learn what is not spam.

Not Spam Button

Please keep an eye out for future tips on fighting spam soon to come. In the meantime, you can click here to read some articles on reducing spam.

Thank you for choosing AOL.

The AOL Mail Team