Want to Speed Up Your Mail?

Posted May 13th 2010 09:45AM by the AOL Mail Team

If you feel that your mailbox is working too slowly, one reason may be the number of emails you have in your Inbox or New folder.

To help better manage your mail load, here are a couple of simple tips you might consider to speed things up.

First tip... set up saved folders for your older mail under My Folders.

Let's say you get a lot of Facebook notifications, for example. Why not create a dedicated folder to keep the ones you want. This will keep them on hand, but reduce the amount of mail in your mailbox. Give it a try...

Second tip... remove large amounts of unwanted mail by bulk deleting. There are two quick ways to delete multiple emails. Here's how...

You can select a range of emails by clicking on the checkbox next to the first (or last) message, hold Shift, and then select the checkbox next to the last (or first) message.

Or you can click on the uppermost checkbox located below the toolbar to select all emails in your mailbox.

After selecting the desired range, simply click the Delete button.

By taking a couple simple steps, you can improve the speed of your mailbox.

Thanks for choosing AOL Mail!


The AOL Mail Team