The new-look AOL Mail

Posted May 17th 2012 07:17PM by the AOL Mail Team

Since the beginning of the year we've been updating AOL Mail to give it a fresh new look and feel. Today we are happy to say that a quarter of all users are now on the upgraded experience.

(If you've not yet been upgraded to the new experience, here's a preview of what's coming your way soon.)

As we rolled out the new design, we received tons of great comments, ideas and suggestions from users. So with each new update, we've made specific changes and tweaks based on your feedback, including:
  • Increasing the contrast levels to make reading messages easier
  • Adding text labels to the toolbar icons
  • Adding the ability to change your default font
  • Adding the option to customize your line spacing (see right)
  • Adding more themes, including some old favorites

And we've got more enhancements in the pipeline, including:
  • A way to avoid having to scroll side-to-side when reading messages (currently an issue for users with low screen resolutions)
  • A new way to interact with AIM and Contacts from the left panel
  • More themes

We understand that change isn't always easy. That's why we want to hear from you, as your thoughts are crucial in helping us provide the best AOL Mail experience yet.

If you have a new suggestion, feel free to add it to the AOL Mail Ideas forum. And as always, if you need help, we're here to answer your questions on email, Facebook and Twitter.


The AOL Mail Team