Welcome to the new AOL Mail

Posted Jul 26th 2012 12:49PM by the AOL Mail Team
We're pleased to announce that the new AOL Mail is now available to all of our users. Since the beginning of the year, we've been rolling out the refreshed service to new and selected existing users. As of this week, every AOL Mail user is now using the same great new mailbox. That means it's time to officially say: welcome to the new AOL Mail.

Whether you're a first-time AOL Mailer or you've just been upgraded, we want to help you get settled in quickly. This article will help you find your way around and show you some tips and tricks for getting the most from your mailbox.

This is your guide book, your instruction manual, your Encyclopedia AOLMailia - or if this sounds a bit too wordy, find Show Quick Tips in your Options menu (on the top right of your mailbox) to see some quick pointers.

Sending a message: Email

We're all about staying in touch at AOL Mail and with one click you can start composing an email. Simply click the EMAIL icon on the top left of your mailbox.

You can find all of your contact information by using the Contacts option in your mailbox's left panel. But there are even easier ways to find an email address.

When you're filling in the To: line, simply start typing your contact's name and AOL Mail will auto-complete the address for you.

Alternatively click the word To: or the silhouette icon on the right of the line to see a quick list of your contacts. This is also a really easy way to add multiple contacts.

Once you've finished writing your message, click the SEND button. You can also SAVE the message to your Drafts folder, DELETE your message, or check your SPELLING.

Sending a message: IM and Text

AOL Mail gives you more than just email: you can also send instant messages and texts from your inbox.

If you sign in to your AIM account, you can use the IM icon to send an instant message. You'll find your AIM contacts list in the left panel.

To send a text message, click the TEXT icon. A new window will open on the bottom right of your mailbox. Enter the phone number of the person you wish to text along with your message and hit enter to send. Replies will appear in your mailbox.

Themes and Settings

Want to change the image at the top of your mailbox to reflect your mood or celebrate special days?

That's a simple case of selecting Themes from the Options menu, where you will find more than 70 unique ways to decorate your inbox.

Watch this video to learn more about Themes

The Options menu is also where you'll find the rest of your AOL Mail settings. Click Settings to find lots of ways to change how your mailbox works, including your password and spam settings.

Customize your mailbox

We've designed the new-look AOL Mail to be the best possible experience, but we know that some people have their own preferences for how a mailbox should look.

With our special customizable options you can choose to turn on or off the message reading pane, decide which level of spacing your prefer, hide the text labels on your buttons, or change the display font.

Find the Customize menu on the top right of your inbox.

Spam nitty gritty

AOL Mail is pretty good at identifying junk mail and sending it your Spam folder. But if unwanted messages do get through, it's easy to mark them as spam by selecting the message using the check box and clicking the Spam button.

It's good practice to do this as it helps AOL Mail recognize new types of spam and prevent similar messages from reaching your inbox. Remember, never reply to spam, as it only lets the spammer know you're there and makes you a target for more unwanted mail.

Want to know more?

If you still want more check out our Getting to know your AOL Mail inbox help page, which features step-by-step instructions on the above topics and more.

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Now go enjoy your new inbox.

The AOL Mail team