Customize Your AOL Inbox By Reordering Your Columns!

Posted Dec 06th 2016 05:42PM by Dave Buck
Do you ever wish the trash can icon was closer to the left so you could reach it easier? Or that the flag column was all the way to the right because you never use it?

There's no single column order that is going to be liked by everybody (believe us, we've tried!) so we're giving the power of customization to all of you! To use it is easy. Just click and hold the header of the column you'd like to move, drag it to where you'd like to place it, and let go. Like so:

Or like so:

And that's not all! You can also expand the size of the "From" column by clicking the right edge of its header and dragging it to the right, like so:

Some of you may have noticed that a portion of the message text is now showing to the right of the subject in the Subject column. If you prefer not to see this text just head to the Customize menu and uncheck "Show Message Preview".

If at any time you'd like to reset your columns to the default setting simply go to the Customize menu and select "Reset Columns".

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