Try Our New "Pop-Up" Compose For Easier Mail Multitasking

Posted Apr 03rd 2017 07:24PM by Dave Buck
Have you ever composed an email and realized midway through that you needed information from another email before you could send it? An address, maybe?

Well it happens to us all the time, which is why we're so excited to bring you "Pop-Up Compose." A new way to compose email that allows you to peruse your inbox, even open up other emails, without having to close the email you are currently composing. Like so:

If you decide that you'd like more space to compose a certain email just click the expand button to switch to the original full-pane mode. Like so:

You can set "Pop-Up" as your default compose mode on the "Compose" page in Mail Settings. You can get to Mail Settings from the "Options" menu in the top right corner of AOL Mail.

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